About me

A little bit about me, Rachel Mitchell, and how I became an animal massage therapist.

I have always had an interest in animals, particularly dogs and farm animals, and after completing a HND in agriculture in 1998, I moved to North devon.

A few years on, I live on a smallholding in North Devon with my husband, three daughters and an assortment of animals: dogs, cows, sheep and chickens and ponies.

As a family we breed and show our Border terriers, and our Parson Russell Terrier and 2021 we have entered the world of Horse showing with our mini Shetland ponies. Most recently Ruby, a young Welsh Cob has arrived and we hope that in time, she will do some of the work of our smallholding.

As a gymnastic coach I have an understanding of fitness and progressive teaching, as well as movement which over the years has become a big interest to me.

When one of my dogs was seriously injured requiring emergency surgery, it was suggested that I consider massage as part of his rehabilitation. Soon after that, I began the ICAT Diploma for Canine Remedial Massage and qualified with distinction in November 2012.

In 2020 I completed a level 4 in canine exercise reabilitation

I have always enjoyed horses and rode when I was younger, so when the opportunity came to complete an equine massage course I took the opportunity to develop my skills. Level 3 diploma in equine sports massage was completed with distinction in July 2021.

My approach to the treatment of all is both gentle and firm, aiming to relax and reassure, to build trust and a relationship.

For more information and news, please phone 07919-677690, email rachel@rk9t.co.uk, contact me, or visit my Facebook page RachelsK9Therapy.

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“Boxer’s confidence and trust has grown dramatically, he will now speak to strangers rather than run away. Boxer will also come and lie down rather that demanding attention 99% of the time. He appears more settled.” AH
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