Equine Massage

Equine massage for ponies and horses – promotes health and well-being, relieves pain, improves flexibility and range of motion. It is beneficial for all types and these benefits include: improved circulation, healthy skin and coat, release of endorphins, reduction of muscle wastage, relaxation, reduced stiffness and prevention of injury.

Massage also helps with injuries and ailments such as arthritis.

The initial consultation usually lasts for an hour or hour and a quarter and would be at your stables.

I will take a detailed history and do both a standing and gait movement analysis where appropriate. The massage itself lasts between 45 minutes and an hour depending on the horses temperament and size.

For more information and news, please phone 07919-677690, email rachel@rk9t.co.uk, contact me, or visit my Facebook page RachelsK9Therapy.